Why You Should Try Astral Projection

author: david collura Aug 12, 2022

To some, it may seem strange to attempt to have an out-of-body experience via astral projection. It may seem like a distraction from our regular lives. After all, if we were meant to have out-of-body experiences, why do we live our lives here in the physical? Is astral projection a way of 'cheating' life by attempting to having unintended or unauthorized experiences?

While it is typical to think of the out-of-body experience as a deviant exception, it is actually an integral and natural part of our native human spirituality. In this video, we discuss three key reasons that trying to have an out-of-body experience is a reasonable and advisable practice for anyone with a mature interest in the matter.

The three reasons are:

  1. We already have out-of-body experiences naturally - so it does not represent a 'deviation' from normal human activity, but is a normal activity which is merely at the periphery of our awareness. Therefore, exploring astral projection represents an expansion of our awareness of who and what we are!
  2. Astral projection allows us to experience reality free of physical matter, firsthand. This allows us to glimpse, on our own terms, whether there is more to life than this one physical lifetime.
  3. The out-of-body experience is universal. As such, it does not require us to follow any particular spiritual or religious tradition. It is a part of our very nature as humans. So, anyone with an interest can feel safe in trying this experience and deepening their spiritual practice.

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