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WTF Just Happened? • November 29, 2023

Luis Minero interview on the podcast 'WTF Just Happened?'.

"In this episode: Luis teaches a variety of classes on OBE; what exactly is an OBE?; when you are disconnected from body you can experience non-physical realities; anyone can learn to have an OBE..."

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Caritas Consciousness Project • November 8, 2022

Luis Minero interview with Caritas Consciousness Project.

"Luis discusses the benefits of developing OBEs and energy control, as well as common exit sensations during take-off, to help us understand the disconnection process."

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Passion Harvest Podcast • January 23, 2021

Luis Minero interview on the Passion Harvest podcast.

"PASSIONATE DISCUSSIONS ABOUT • Childhood OBE • Effects and benefits of OBE • What is an OBE? • Sleep paralysis • Dangers of OBE • The dream states • Consciousness..."

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Surf the Astral • December 1, 2020

Luis Minero interview on Surf the Astral podcast.

"Damon and Andrew of Surf the Astral interview author and teacher, Luis Minero."

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Let's Talk Near Death • October 29, 2020

Luis Minero interview on the Let's Talk Near Death podcast.

"Luis Minero is an expert in Out of Body Experiences (OBE’s), paranormal phenomena and consciousness.  A topic he started exploring unintentionally when he had his first spontaneous out of body experience as a child. Luis has also studied Near Death Experiences, how these topics intersect and how we can all learn how to have an out of body experience."

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Societé Jeanne d'Arc • October 20, 2020

Luis Minero interview on 'Live from Vienna with Mike Cavalli' from the Societé Jeanne d'Arc.

"On todays show we spoke about Luis's OBE's from his teenage years. Why OBE's are safe. What you can expect from an OBE. The difference between lucid dreams and OBE's."

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Conscious Dance Conference 2019 • December 27, 2019

Luis Minero gives a lecture and guides practical exercises at the Conscious Dance Conference 2019.

The title of Luis's presentation is "Vital energy and your Intuition in Action.

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Gaia TV • August 3, 2019

Luis Minero interview on the Gaia TV program 'Open Minds with Regina Meredith'.

"Learning to be free from the confines of the physical reality may be the most important step we can take in our spiritual evolution. Luis Minero shares how we can explore the subtle realms of existence through out of body experiences."

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