Does Astral Projection Make You Feel Good?

author: david collura Aug 12, 2022

It may sound funny to ask whether Astral Projection feels good, but I think it's actually an important topic. When we enjoy a practice in many ways, we are more likely to continue it and develop our abilities. We can think of this like going to the gym: if we look forward to the gym, enjoy working out, and feel good afterward, we are more likely to keep going.

Beyond this, astral projection confers several positive experiences on the practitioner, so it is well worth highlighting this. Based on my personal experience, practicing the out-of-body experience produces five key positive experiences for the practitioner:

  1. It exposes us to a high-caliber quality of energy associated with lucidity outside the physical body. This is a more balanced, refined energetic state, which naturally makes us feel more calmer and more content.
  2. Before projecting, we tend to balance and unblock our energetic system as we attempt to leave the body with lucidity.
  3. By pursuing an out-of-body practice, we may connect with our innate drive for multidimensional evolution, which can make us feel more optimistic and centered in our lives.
  4.  After a night where we attempted to leave the body, we often awaken feeling more refreshed and clear-headed than normal.
  5. During a high-quality experience outside the body, we may feel a sense of exhilaration, liberation, and extraordinary mental clarity.

These positive experiences help to paint a more vivid picture of this intriguing and rewarding practice. Watch the video to learn more about these positive experiences. If you wish to pursue them yourself, be sure and download a copy of our free eBook Astral Passport: Six Steps to Access Your Multidimensionality.

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