Qualified Energetic Assistance

Brand new advanced course taught by the Mosaic Wellness and Education team.

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About the Course

Donating direct, qualified, and anonymous energies to the universe can be a powerful form of spiritual altruism.

Mosaic's new four-part workshop on Qualified Energetic Assistance (QEA) provides a framework for understanding and applying this advanced long term energetic technique centered around assisting others.

The course offers guidance for the interested learner to understand the qualities that amplify multidimensional energetic assistance. Emphasis is placed on offering tools for the individual to enhance their current or future condition as an energetic transmitter through helping them (1) develop a closer trusting relationship with their spirit guides (devoid of any monetary rewards or titles), and (2) setting up stable energetic practices.

The practice of donating energies, in tandem with a spirit guide, has previously been called passes-to-the-dark, Penta, energetic passes, sending universal love, and more. QEA is taught by Mosaic's core team of instructors and presents a 21st century approach to this practice. It is based on many years of experience, new conclusions, and innovative practical preparatory exercises for the practitioner-to-be.

Preparing for and eventually practicing QEA, is an ongoing commitment driven first and foremost by those who understand and value energetic assistance and altruism.

When taking on a longer-term energetic practice geared towards assisting others, there will inevitably be support from the Spirit guides. The mutual cooperation between the QEA practioner and these anonymous beneficial forces during a QEA session has a dynamizing effect on those who need it most.

Some examples of the effects of energetic assistance performed during QEA include:;

  • assisting non-physical beings with gaining greater awareness of their passing
  • helping struggling family members with invisible energetic support through difficult times
  • providing anonymous support to victims of disasters and wars
    contributing towards renovating dilapidated non-physical dimensions

There are some who feel this type of work is an integral part of their life plan, and thus wish to improve their ability to donate and contribute in a more qualified fashion.

If you are looking to learn more about using your energies in a dedicated practice to help others, want to enhance your current energetic practice, want to deepen your connection with spirit guides to help you to assist, or have questions about what to do to prepare for QEA, this course will help you with these objectives.

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