The Remote Viewing and Out-of-Body Challenge is a new program offered by Mosaic Wellness and Education. This challenge is free of cost and everyone is welcome to participate - from beginners to experienced practitioners.

Each week, we will email participants with instructions for that week's out-of-body / remote viewing target. Then, you will have the opportunity to tap into your extraordinary abilities and try to determine properties of the hidden object! 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to remotely view and connect with a hidden object placed in a specific location determined by our instructors. Each week, your challenge will be to accurately describe and visualize the object, with the opportunity to compare notes and share with our community.

 Our facilitator will send weekly updates on your e-mail with detailed instructions and information on how to access our community, for the duration of the challenge.

In order to participate in this fascinating endeavor, fill out our registration form below and wait for the instructions on your inbox.

Register now and prepare to soar to new heights of awareness

Upcoming weekly challenge dates: March 3 to 30, 2024
(You can join us and start at any moment during this period)

 Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to awaken your inner explorer and unlock the hidden potentials of your mind

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